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P.T.M.T Taps

Dipson Believe In Constant Innovation And To Keep Up With The Changing Society. Polytetra Methylene Terephthalate Plastic Taps Is Known As P.t.m.t. Taps. Dipson P.t.m.t. Products Are Developed With Worldwide Quality Standards Utilizing The Highest Quality Standards Inputs And Innovative Technology.Dipson Is The Best Ptmt Taps Manufacturer That Provides Excellent Designs And Variable Options In The Section Of Plastic Bibcock. Bib Cocks Are A Class Of Faucets That Are Usually Installed In A Sink-like Arrangement, And With Further Improvement In Designs, They Are Currently Being Used In Washroom And Shower Fittings. Dipson P.T.M.T. Taps becomes Everyone's Choice, because we provide best quality & durability in Industry.


Industrial usage, Residential Usage

Salient Feature

Tensile Strength

Attractive Design

Low Maintenance

High Strength

Flexural Strength

Durable & Strong

Flexural Strength

Easy to Installation

Chemical Resistance

Lead Free